President IT Sligo

Professor Terri Scott took up appointment as President of IT Sligo in October 2008.

Professor Scott has a distinguished academic background with a career that has spanned over 20 years in higher education. She was Dean of Regional Development and Head of the School of Computing and Mathematics at the University of Ulster, and held visiting positions at Carnegie Mellon University and MIT in the USA. She also has extensive experience of developing partnerships and collaboration with institutions across Europe and Asia.

Terri Scott also has a track record in the public and private sector. In 2000 she was the first female to be named ‘IT professional of the Year’ by the British Computer Society. She was the founder and Director of the Northern Ireland Centre for Entrepreneurship and in 2002 joined Invest Northern Ireland as Managing Director responsible for regional development, ICT, biotechnology, food and property portfolio. In these roles she has worked extensively with multinationals and SMEs in promoting economic development and innovation. She has held a number of public appointments and is currently a Board member of Industrial Development Authority (IDA) Ireland.

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