IT Sligo Provides

We deliver academic qualifications in all subject areas including taught Masters and at PhD level.

  • At IT Sligo we provide a broad range of programmes in Science, Engineering and Design, Business and Social Sciences from undergraduate to postgraduate level. We also offer a number of apprenticeship programmes.
  • For our partners in industry, we deliver a broad spectrum of tailored programmes approved by external bodies such as Engineers Ireland, Coca-Cola, Irish Prison Service, the CISCO Academy and the Irish Medicines Board.
  • Our work in economic and social development is directly supported by a range of research and innovation services.
  • IT Sligo is an accredited member of the European Credit Transfer Scheme for Higher Education Awards and we received the Extended European Erasmus University Charter in 2007.
  • Our outward customer focus and entrepreneurial approach means that in response to market demand we have developed specific programmes such as: PR Event Management, Construction Management, Forensic Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Eco Tourism, Financial Services and Electronics. We pride ourselves that our courses are aligned with the skills that are required in the real world.
  • Each year our Science Week activities attract over 3,000 visitors onto the campus to take part in practical scientific experiments.
  • Our courses are relevant to the modern employment marketplace..