Knocknera Arena

Pricing & Membership

There are very affordable options to suit everyone.

Students €90 for Full Academic Year

Staff €130 for Full Academic Year

Category 12 month 6 month 3 month
Single Public €300 €160   €90
Couple Public €500 €270 €150
Off Peak Public €240 €130   €75
Off peak Couple €400 €230 €130
Weekend Only €100   €60   €40
Golden Years €240 €130   €75
CorporateNo. Of members 5  €240  €130   €75
CorporateNo. Of members  10  €220  €120   €70
CorporateNo. Of members  15  €200  €110  €65



Non- Members Cost
IT Students €4 per visit
IT Staff €5 per visit
All Others €6 per visit


IT Sligo Sports Hall Fee Schedule:
(Half hall = One Full Basketball/Indoor Soccer Court)

  • IT Sligo student/academic groups – half hall €25, full hall €50
  • IT Sligo staff – half hall €30
  • IT Sligo Clubs – half hall €25, full hall €50
  • External sport groups – half hall €45 full hall €80, €85 per hour after 6pm on Saturday & Sunday
  • Block booking 3 hours or more per week, minimum 8 weeks: €35 half hall, €70 full hall

Opening Times

Knocknarea Arena

Monday – Thursday – 8am – 10pm / Tuesday 7:30am-10pm
Friday – 8am – 9pm
Saturday -9.30am – 4pm (or as required for events)
Sunday – 9.30am – 4pm (or as required for events)

Athletics Arena
Monday – Friday – 8am – 9pm
Saturday- Sunday – 9.30am – 4pm (or as required for events)

Knocknarea Arena
Monday – Thursday 8am – 10pm
Friday 8am – 9pm
Saturday-Sunday 9.30 pm – 4pm (or as required for events)

Athletics Arena
Monday – Friday as per Knocknarea Arena.
Saturday- Sunday as per Knocknarea Arena.

Further Information on:

  • Membership enrolment
  • Bookings for any of the facilities
  • General information

Contact; 071 9155211 , e-mail;


Rules & Regulations of the Knocknarea Arena


  •  Please abide by Health Alert information posted throughout the centre.
  • Black soled shoes, marking shoes, hard soled shoes or any outdoor footwear are not permitted in the Sport Hall.
  • Food, drink, alcohol or chewing gum is not permitted in any facility.
  • Sharp objects or glass bottles are not permitted in the changing areas, sports hall, athletics track or playing fields.
  • Pets are not permitted within the buildings, on playing fields or within the athletics arena (guide dogs excepted)
  • Sports bags are not permitted in the sports hall.
  • Groups and individuals are responsible for the storage and care of their own belongings and equipment.
  • Appropriate sports clothing and foot-wear must be worn for all sports activities.
  • Jewellery should be removed prior to participating in sport activities.
  • All groups and individuals must report to the reception on arrival.
  • Persons suffering from prior medical condition should inform the centre staff.
  • All equipment shall be treated with care. Damage to any equipment should be reported to the centre staff.
  • Facility users/visitors must co-operate with the centre staff and follow instructions.
  • All accidents must be reported to the centre staff with the minimum of delay.
  • Any person who acts in a manner that presents a risk of injury to themselves or to others or is offensive to others or to staff may be expelled from the facility without prior warning.
  • The management reserve the right to refuse admission

 Group Bookings

  •  All bookings must be made through the Facilities Managers Office. Booking procedures must be strictly followed. All booking requests must be made on an official booking request form. Verbal bookings will not be accepted.
  • Bookings will not be accepted until all requirements are complied with. Bookings will not be accepted until full insurance requirements are complied with, (see booking request form).
  • Management reserve the right to cancel any booking at short notice.
  • Management reserve the right to terminate a booking at any time in the event of a failure of the Group/Club/Event organiser/s (Client) to comply with terms and conditions of the booking and where health and safety of persons is deemed to be at risk.
  • Production of a cover letter from insurers and or policy document covering 3rd party injury and property damage, extended to indemnify The Institute of Technology Sligo and Ballinode Catering & Services Ltd, is a condition of the granting of the use of any sports/recreation facility.
  • It is the responsibility of the Group/Club/Event Organisers to ensure that participants and spectators comply with the rules and regulations of the Centre. Spectators must not be permitted into a restricted area, i.e. Sports Hall floor, Athletics Arena tartan track and inner field.

Retail of Merchandise

  •  The sale of merchandise, including food and drink, is not permitted; accept where an arrangement is agreed in writing between the Group/Club/Event organisers and the Facilities Manager.

Health & Safety

  •  Organisers of sporting and other events where there are 75 participants or more must arrange for the provision of stand-by Ambulance First Aid service, i.e. Order of Malta, St John’s Ambulance or Civil Defence. This rule will also apply in respect of sports/events of less than 75 participants where the nature of the activity presents a greater possibility of injury to participants, i.e. martial arts tournaments, full contact kick-boxing etc. The Group/Club/Event organisation will bear the cost of this provision.
  • Organiser/s of events must arrange for the proper supervision by adults of all children under 17 years at a ratio of: 1:10 under 12 years and 1:12 over 12 years. Responsible supervision of minors is expected in the changing rooms and throughout the Centre facilities.
  • Coaches/Supervisors of minors must be signed up to The Irish Sports Councils/Sports Council for Northern Ireland’s Code of Ethics.
  • Coaches/Supervisors of all events must report all accident/incidents to the Centre staff without undue delay.
  • All sport participants are advised to wear appropriate protection i.e., shin guards, gum shields, helmets etc.

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