Student Counselling Service

Student Counselling Service
Welcome to the Student Counselling Service at Institute of Technology, Sligo

Counsellor: Siobhán McNally D Cons Psych, MSc, BA
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 3.00pm

The Student Counselling Service is a professional, confidential student support that is available free of charge to all registered IT Sligo students. The service offers students support in coping with academic and personal issues, which may impact on their college experience.

What is Counselling?
Counselling is about:

Counselling gives you some time and space to explore any issue that is of concern to you and provides the opportunity for any student to discuss in private with a professional counsellor any concerns which may be impacting on academic performance or personal health and well-being.

Sometimes it helps to talk to someone outside your immediate network of friends and family, who will listen carefully and non-judgmentally to help you make sense of events or experiences that may be troubling you. Counselling can help you explore the different options that may be open to you so you can make some changes in your life. If you are not ready to make such changes it can still be helpful to talk with someone about them

Counsellors are specially trained to listen attentively and provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment where you have the opportunity to engage in self-reflection, with a focus on your wellbeing and personal growth.

You can also get advice on where to find additional support and how best to move forward.

Making an Appointment:

If you are interested in meeting with a counsellor in a confidential setting about the difficulties you are experiencing. The Counselling Service operates on an appointment basis

Priority will be given to urgent and emergency situations.


We are located on the 1st Floor of the Student Centre, beside the Students Union.

Opening Hours: 

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday:  9.00a.m. – 4.00p.m.

Students in Crisis

If you are in crisis please contact:

Above services are available during normal college hours

Out of Hours Supports:

  • Your own GP
  • Sligo General Hospital Emergency Department: Telephone: 071 9171111
  • IT Sligo Garda Liaison Telephone:  071 9157000
  • Sligo Garda station: 071 9157000/9142031
  • Sligo Rape Crisis Centre (free phone): 1800 750 780
  • IT Sligo Security: 087 6379470
  • The Samaritans: 1850 609090


Confidentiality is a central and integral part of the counselling process. It offers safety and privacy to those who choose to discuss personal and private concerns and it safeguards against any inappropriate or unnecessary disclosures.

All information given by you to your counsellor is confidential and won’t be disclosed to anyone outside of the Student Counselling Service. The only exception is if your counsellor is concerned about immediate risk to you or a third party. The counsellor will discuss this situation with you and involve you in any disclosure process.

Referral to Counselling

To make a referral directly to the Counselling Service simple

In the event of an emergency or a crisis it is important to state this on contacting the Counselling Service.

If referring a student or friend to the Service it is helpful to:

  • Discuss the referral with the student
  • Reiterate that the Counselling Service is confidential
  • Provide accurate information on how to access the Service
  • Where necessary accompany the student to the Service

Self-referral to the Counselling Service is welcomed and encouraged. No referral letter is necessary but will be accepted if relevant.

Please contact the Counselling Service Reception for further information regarding such referrals.



Dr Siobhan McNally
Counselling Psychologist

Linda Fulton
Student Counsellor (Sessional)

Imogen O’Connor
Student Counsellor (Sessional)

Therese O’Driscoll
Student Counsellor (Sessional)


If you are a student struggling to cope, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.