In a nutshell

Building web sites is the focus here, but web sites are growing up and taking on greater roles with demanding designs to cope with the wide array of devices upon which we engage with the web.

The web is our window to the world. In this programme you'll learn how to wield the best tools to design and develop cutting edge web interfaces. You'll master HTML, CSS and Javascript - the key tools for delivering engaging web experiences.

The focus here is less on coding and more on employing the right tools in the right way to build out a good web site. You'll study interface design but you'll also learn how to bring that design to life and deploy it on hardware so it gets surfaced to the web.

What's involved?

A common Year 1

You'll study the same modules as all our first year computing. The Design Thinking module speaks directly to your programme encouraging you to develop your inner eye for detail and good design. There's also a dedicated module to get you building web sites start to finish. We'll show you how to deploy to the internet so your site goes 'live'. You'll also study coding (because that's equally relevant to you), hardware/networking and design/build games to help you better understand how programmes work to achieve a goal.

Building out your skills base

Year 2 is where you really get to grips with the topics most relevant to web development. Web developers need to be knowledgeable in a number of areas - information architecture, site design, coding and working with clients. You'll have ample opportunity to build out your own portfolio to develop these skills and begin to engage with the community you'll become a part of.

Big Project work and Placement

This is the shortest academic year as you leave for placement at Easter. There's lots to do to get you ready. This year places you in a group of 4, working year-long to develop a large scale application. This is a great chance to build something substantial, something to get you noticed by employers and to work on those soft-skills of working and playing nice with others. You'll interview for jobs and begin focusing on the end-game - gaining employment!

  • Incredible work! Best creative experience ever; timely, well executed and one hell of the result. Would recommend Nietszche to anyone who is looking to revamp their identity. John K. Riley - Harvest Goods.

  • A five star agency without doubt. Hire them! John A. Adams - Repetition

  • Creativity redefined. These guys offer a unique approach to every aspect
    of design and the result is simply stunning. Jane Lariken - MUD Clothing.

  • Design, design and redesign is their motto. Sartre won't stop until they have
    the perfect match between functionality and esthetic. Jack Tromso - Orcha Co.