In a nutshell

A Level 8 add-on computing programme offering existing Level 7 graduates an opportunity to build on their systems & networking foundation qualification.

Industry is increasingly keen for Level 8 graduates. There is strong demand for specialists to run cloud operations and ensure the smooth flow of data about the internet.

Ireland is lately becoming known as the 'data capital of Europe'. With virtually all the major players running data centers from here, demand is strong for those with the necessary skills to ensure the safe and smooth operation of such centers. Every day we generate...

  • 3.6 Billion Instagram Likes
  • 4.3 billion Facebook messages
  • 5.75 billion Facebook likes
  • 40 million Tweets
  • 6 billion Google Searches!

  • Systems engineers help make all this happen ...and so can you.

    What's involved?

    Running the net

    We invest heavily in technology to replicate the actual workings of data centers. You'll learn to design, deploy and trouble-shoot typical server management scenarios. Your servers will adapt to traffic loads and design for fault tolerance to keep the network up and the data safe.
    We closely follow both standard industry practice but also accreditation so you qualification enables you to compete on a global stage.
    Dedicated labs immerse you in a realistic work environment with hands-on exposure to real operating server racks, working the knowledge acquired in lectures via set practicals.

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